welcome to matchett support systems

Since 1982 Cuneiform has been manufacturing the Matchett Support System. This is a unique, simple and cost effective way to provide corrective positioning, therefore giving pain relief, comfort and support to a variety of conditions, affecting people of all ages, shapes and sizes.


The Matchett Support System’s aim is to provide a 24 hour effective positioning system which will decrease muscle spasm, reduce tone, stimulate circulation and support limbs evenly, therefore helping to prevent pressure areas. Maintaining good body symmetry the Matchett Support System helps keep essential organs in place, therefore allowing the whole body to function correctly.


Working closely with therapists over the years we have been made aware of the many positional problems they face and now we produce over 80 different units to cope with their requirements.


The Matchett Support System comprises a multitude of shapes in an assortment of sizes. The units consist of a shaped waterproof inner unit which can be wiped down with any sterile agent without losing its properties, this is filled with a specific density, fire retardant polystyrene bead, and is covered with a linen cover for easy cleaning. We can now also offer for assessment purposes a waterproof fabric with inherent antibacterial properties that can be easily cleaned between patients use. Both of these covers are fire retardant, removable and washable. All units can also be auto-claved for extra reassurance. The fact that they are very lightweight makes them easy to position, manoeuvre and transport.