From 1982 the Matchett Support System has proven its value in the realms of postural needs, it has shown longevity and durability of each unit.

The materials used to create the overall effect of the Matchett Support System units have been carefully researched to give the correct support and environment for the user.

Each Matchett Support System has undergone stringent practical trial times before being placed on the market.

We are constantly being made aware of situations where good positioning is required and are always keen to look into those problems and produce a suitable unit.

Filling: Specific unique density polystyrene beads giving regular firm support.
Thermal: Giving warmth to injured area.  Fluid action of beads displace weight evenly.
Inner Unit: Strong waterproof barrier unit containing the filling of fire retardant polystyrene bead.
Circulation: Air circulation if facilitated by the insertion of a small air vent in the inner unit.
Linen outer Cover: This proban treated removable and easily laundered linen fabric is non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic.
Polytran Outer Cover – This fabric is for assessment purposes only. The polyester fabric has a coating protected against fungi and bacteria and is easily laundered up to 75°c or can be wiped with a mild detergent between use.
Zip: Allows the density of the unit to be simply adapted by adjusting the quantity of filling to suit the patient’s requirements.
Top Up: It may be necessary to ‘top up’ the filling – extra beads can be purchased.

European Standards

All Matchett Support Systems are manufactured to meet the following standards:

BS5852 Part 1 – schedule 4 & 5 (SI 1324)
BS5852 Part 2 – TCS FTS No. 5 using ignition sources 0 – 5
Auto clavable at 74°c for 30 minutes
CE Registered