We especially like the KATIE and JEFFERY units as we find patients are more comfortable and accepting of them.  JEFFERY is brilliant for keeping legs in alignment which reduces stiffness of the limbs upon waking.  Patients with spasticity must be positioned correctly and this can be achieved by the Matchett Supports.

The JEFFERY has changed my life completely, before I had the JEFFERY I was in constant pain and had hardly any sleep.  I highly recommend JEFFERY because I’ve now got no pain and am able to sleep.  The JEFFERY does exactly what it was designed for, it warms up limbs and is a marvellous product.

We have been using various units in the Matchett Support range for 20 years.  The CORAL is especially favoured due to its versatility; for example, it is used for postural drainage, in a sensory room, on a trampoline or just in the rest room for general relaxation.  The flexibility of the units allows different clients shapes, sizes and requirements to be catered for.

Patients here at Papworth Hospital NHS Trust have been using the Matchett FOOTSTOOLS since 1984 and continue to use them today. They are used by our inpatients within the Cardiac Directorate for easing pressure and for maintaining the correct height of lower limb elevation. Nursing staff at our hospital endorse the reactions of patients who find them comfortable, simple and easy to use. We have found that these low technology aids are as effective as high cost technology.

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