Celia 2

Celia 2

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Designed to cope with a hemiplegic patient whilst sitting in an
easy chair in a home situation, and can be either a left sided or
right sided support. The CELIA 2 has a small pad on the oppo-
site side to the main unit to help give bilateral support and a flap
to stabilise the unit when in position.

Initial reports on this unit have stated that there is less back pain and that facial muscles become more relaxed as the head maintains a midline position, in some patients salivating has ceased. Patients using this unit find the comfort and positioning more conducive for eating and digestion, therefore over a period of time the general well being of the patient is noticed, especially as organs are back in their correct position. Patients and carers are reporting that the correct sitting position can be maintained
over many hours and that the sufferer is reporting that they are comfortable with no slipping and feel their dignity has been restored. The unit is simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and extremely transportable.

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