Ella 1,2, 3

Ella 1,2, 3

The Ella range has been designed for babies and small infants. These useful small units are extremely versatile when support and positioning is required.

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The various sized small pads of the ELLA range are designed for premature babies or small infants. They adapt to help ‘fill in’ awkward gaps etc, to assist in positioning and give support in the early years. Each unit has an attractive pure linen cover, there is a zip in the waterproof inner unit to assist in varying the density of the filling. There are 6 sizes in the ELLA range – Ella 1 is 3″ x 14″, Ella 2 is 3″ x 8″, Ella 3 is 3″ x 7″, Ella 4 is 4.5″ x 14.5″, Ella 5 is 6″ x 20″ and Ella 6 is 6″ x 27″.

Please email for prices, smallest Ella starts at £22

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