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Designed to curb an upper scoliosis, as well as giving the whole body support, and to reduce hip rotation. This unit can give abduction if carefully positioned, alternatively an abduction wedge can be used also in case of high active clients. The entire unit offers firm warm support, therefore maintaining a good body symmetry for night positioning. Trial reports on the JOSIE RANGE state that clients with a kyphosis / lordosis are very well accommodated and can lie supine without the risk of pressure areas. These cleverly designed units allow the carer / therapist to encourage and so to achieve shoulder flexion or promote extension. This unit can also be used for prone positioning with quadriplegics and tetraplegics. Please note the JOSIE range will not cope with patients who are high tone. The units come in four sizes: Josie 1 – 6 to 18 months Josie 2 – 18 months to 5 years Josie 3 – 5 years to 12 years Josie 4 – 5′ 5″ – and over

Email for price on each sized unit £142 is for a Josie 2

£149.00 VAT

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